Sahaja Yoga
Pingala Nadi
The right side channel is called as Pingala Nadi. This channel caters for the right sympathetic nervous system. On the right hand side is the supraconscious mind, which creates our future. Whatever we think about our future is recorded on the right hand side, and it also has a Collective Supraconscious, which has got all that is dead, which happens due to over-ambitious, futuristic personalities, aggressive animals or plants."

Right Channel (Pingala Nadi)-Right Channel starts - if a person is sitting on the mother Earth then right channel covers the right region of whole body where right portion of aortic plexus, right portion of solar plexus, right side of lower abdomen, upper abdomen, right portion of Cardiac plexus, right portion of Cervical plexus, right portion of Optic Chaisma which crosses Forehead comes towards the left side of Forehead, further it reaches to Limbic Area i.e. Fontelle Bone of Brain (Sahastrar Chakra)

Right Channel has authority to control on the essence, which is to be performed in Future, all that things which occurs from the present and towards Future of Human Being.
Right Channel is also known as Surya Nadi (Solar Line), this Channel does All the Power in Activities of Human Life. (Kriya Shakti).

The Deities of Right Channel- MahaSaraswati, MahaHanuman, Shri SuryaDev

Nature-The Warmness in Human Body is due to this Channel

Qualities- Rajo Guna, Supraconscious attention, Future

Manifestations-self respect, Physical & Mental Creativity

Cause of Catch-Supression, Egotism, Father's problem, Possessions by Ambitious Spirits