Sahaja Yoga
Ida Nadi
The left side channel is called Ida Nadi. This channel caters for the left sympathetic nervous system. This channel looks after our emotional life and our past. It is the channel which creates our past. Whatever is the present today becomes the past tomorrow. The subconscious mind receives information from this channel. Everything that was in the past since creation resides dormant in the Collective Subconscious. This Collective Subconscious has all that is dead in the evolutionary process collected and stored. Whatever is dead or gone out of the circulation of evolution and also whatever is spilling out of the subconscious mind goes out into the Collective Subconscious mind.

Left Channel (Ida Nadi)-Left Channel starts - if a person is sitting on the mother Earth then left channel covers the left region of whole body where left portion of Pelvic plexus, left portion of aortic plexus, left portion of solar plexus, left side of lower abdomen, upper abdomen, left portion of Cardiac plexus, left portion of Cervical plexus, left portion of Optic Chaisma which crosses Forehead comes towards the right side of Forehead, further it reaches to Limbic Area i.e. Fontelle Bone of Brain (Sahastrar Chakra)
Left Channel has authority to control on the essence, which is; arise from the Past, all that things which occurs from the time of Birth till present of Human Being.

Left Channel is also known as Chandra Nadi (Moon Line), this Channel does All the Power in Desires of Human Life (Ichcha Shakti).

The Deities of Left Channel- Mahakali, Mahaveer, Mahaganesha, Mahabhairav, shri Bhairavnath

Nature-The Coldness in Human Body is due to this Channel

Qualities- Tamo Guna, Subconscious Joy, Past

Manifestations-Auspiciousness, Emotions, Existence

Cause of Catch-Superstition, Spirit possessions, Mother's problem Habit